The Darce Killer Digital BJJ Instructional

The Darce is a well-known submission with a high percentage finish rate. It has been widely successful in Gi, No-Gi and MMA, because of its versatility of entries, and there simply hasn't been a reliable defense. Until the Darce Killer!

In the Darce Killler videos, you will be introduced to a series of techniques that can be applied to the many variety of Darce attacks. This is not a "trick escape," but a true step-by-step guide of how to break a fully locked Darce. This series presents ground-breaking defenses that position you correctly to expose its structural weaknesses, attack and kill the Darce. The Swing, The Chop, The Flip, and The Air Sitout will become the gold standard defense to the Darce choke.

Don't be a statistic. Kill the Darce.

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